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Welcome to Sonneaire

Teknologi Inovasi Solar Sdn. Bhd. is the technology owner of the award winning Sonneaire Hybrid Air Conditioning Systems ‘SONNEAIRE’ which is a locally researched, split unit air conditioning system that is patented (PCT, Australia). Originated by research done in the field of solar cooling by the company founder’s father, Professor Dr. Mohd Yusof Sulaiman in Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, the research was taken up by the company founder – Azrina Mohd Yusof to be commercialised and further innovated. With the help of funds from Cradle, Agensi Inovasi as well as angel investor Alam Dingin Air Conditioning Engineering Sdn Bhd, the product was further refined until what it is today. The name was originally called Solar Dingin but later changed to Sonne-Aire – Sonne meaning Sun in German and Aire as a variant to air. In 2017 as a surprise answer to its namesake, the German TV – Deutsch Welle TV came and did a ‘Founder’s Valley’ documentary in which SONNEAIRE represents Malaysia on the topic of energy as part of DW TV’s search of innovative start up ideas and companies across the whole of Asia.
The SONNEAIRE split units are based on a thermal heat recovery concept, which is also referred commercially as ‘hybrid’. The potential energy savings are between 15% – 30% depending on its cooling capacities and savings are consistent. Due to the consistent lower power consumption, the savings can actually be felt in the customers billing system. The split unit air conditioning is available from 1.5 horsepower up to 30 horsepower. The units have already been installed to blue chip customers such as McDonalds Restaurants, Secret Recipe, Q Bistro. SONNEAIRE is also TNB Energy Systems Sdn. Bhd. split unit air conditioning solution for energy procurement contracts.
The price ranges are as competitive as the inverter units in the market. For business customers, as a MyHijau green tech product, the 100% Green Investment Tax Allowance (GITA) is applicable and Gerbang Alaf Restaurants Sdn Bhd as McDonald’s master franchisee in Malaysia have received this GITA scheme successfully.
In 2016, the CGP program conducted by Proficeo for Cradle’s high impact start ups, awarded the company the ‘Best Pivot Innovation Award’.

Hey guys, we are proud to be a big part of the McDonalds green initiatives!


Reducing the carbon footprint for your burgers with Sonneaire Hybrid Airconds.

SonneAire is now on Deutsche Well TV (Nov 2017)

Please see the documentary and copy the link from DW TV on SonneAire and the founder here:


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Welcome to SonneAire, the revolutionary split unit air conditioning system that cools and saves consistently more than others.

We are a young earth friendly company doing innovation and specialising in energy efficient split unit air conditioning systems.

SonneAire Hybrid Airconds is the brand for our patented technology:  the thermal heat recovery split unit air conditioning systems which has been proven to be consistently super efficient and tremendously energy saving.

Our current product is the SonneAire Coolbox Save split unit air conditioning system. Using this product means three important things:

  1. Huge cost savings on your energy bills. Savings starts immediately when you press the start button. Savings is typically and consistently 25% – 35% from Inverter split unit air conditioining systems available in the market. We register lower operating power than inverter air conditioning systems.
  2. Our technology is simpler and robust – we have been  in the market since 2015.
  3. You are joining us on our earth friendly mission  to reduce carbon footprint and its impact on global warming. In comparison, when using each SonneAire Hybrid Air Conditioning, you are reducing the carbon footprint emission, yet you still get to enjoy your daily comfort.

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