We started in 2012, with research and development into affordable solar cooling on split unit systems – using solar thermal vacuum systems. The result is a solar hybrid split unit air conditioning system, which we call SonneAire – pronounced as ‘Sun-Air’. Our product helped to cut down the energy consumption by airconds by half, but still retain the same cooling capacity. By 2014 we came out with SonneAire Solar Air Conds – as our first commercial product thanks to the support by our investor and parent company Alam Dingin Air Conditioning Engineering Sdn. Bhd. ( and a grant we won from Cradle Sdn. Bhd. We installed 50 units at various sites in Malaysia including  McDonalds Restaurant (in Putrajaya) and an eco based resort in Bentong, Pahang.

In 2016, we developed a new product based on the similar principle as the solar hybrid air conditioning system. This is another hybrid which we call a clean technology hybrid system — minus the solar thermal vacuum systems. Where before, the sun’s heat was used in a system of two stage compression, now we have replaced that with a thermal heat recovery system which collects heat from the split unit’s compressor, to do the same. The result is a similarly super energy efficient air conditioning system, minus the cost of the solar thermal vacuum system and minus the cost of the peripherals for installing and maintaining it.

It made such a split unit air conditioning systems, runs so efficiently, yet the investment cost is now much much less than the cost of the original SonneAire Solar Air Conds. In terms of price, it is now comparable to inverter airconds.  We call this new innovation SonneAire Coolbox Save. Today, with this new product, we have stopped producing the SonneAire Solar Air Conditioning Systems.

Come to our showroom in Kajang Utama to see for yourselves the comparison between ours and other typical brands of split units including inverter. You can see the difference (the energy savings) for yourselves.

As a company focusing on innovation, today, we own one patent and as we are continuously researching, aiming to make intellectual property our major acquisition.

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Our company’s mission is in our name: Technology and innovation in cooling (involving renewable energy) – this is who we are and what we do.

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