SonneAire Coolbox Save – is based on our patent,  is a hybrid split unit air conditioning system that saves 35% consistently compare to Inverter split unit air conditioning systems.

Our customers have proven our claims of 35% consistent savings is true. You can refer to our facebook where we have posted the video testimony of our customer and you may find other customers who posted their reduced energy bills there as well.

The reason why this happens?

  1. We have engineered our product to use less energy even from the point you switch on your aircond. Although this engineering is now still under a patent pending protection which does not allow us to reveal what it is, we can safely share:    Imagine this. Your aircond compressor now has two energy sources. One is from your home plug point. The other is from a heat energy which comes from the heat that is blown out of your outdoor aircond unit. What do you think will happen? The compressor now does not have to ‘work so hard’. Thus its energy consumption from your home plug point (where you have to pay the power producer) is not used too much. As a result, your aircond uses less energy than any other aircond in the market.
  2. Our concept ‘the clean technology hybrid’ is essentially a thermal heat recovery system. Hybrid means there are two points of energy sources providing energy to a body. This is similar to using a Toyota Prius hybrid car. The Toyota Prius is being served by two energy sources – from petrol and from the battery. With the 2 energy sources, the car uses less energy from the petrol. Petrol indeed is the pain point for many of us.

Other features:

  • Our airconds also uses the more earth friendly freon gas – R410A. And we have been using earth friendly freons since we began our research (we used R407C in our solar hybrids).  As an earth friendly company, we wish not to use freon as much as possible, but that is still a subject of our R&D programmes.
  • All our wall types split units hybrid airconds come with blue fins as a default to ensure it is durable and lasts longer.