Research and Development (R&D)

The company’s innovation story started because of the lifelong research done by the founder’s dad. Like most innovation story, things were done at the frontyard next to the garage of a partner’s home office, where a very old solar panel was available and can be tweaked and an aircond compressor can be drilled to the living room.


And since then the company has progressed and the R&D remained in the company with successes in turning our research into commercial products.  So far the company has completed the following:

1. Solar Hybrid split unit aircond – discontinued

2. Heat Recovery Hybrid split unit (Patented)

Few more products remain in the pipeline of the R&D, which also includes an energy efficient chiller system, which we have received numerous inquiry by prospects.

On the table, we can share the next R&D will be the:

3. Dessicant System

4. Variant models for the Heat Recovery Hybrid.

R&D work includes mechanical, electrical and software.

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