Sonneaire Coolbox Save

Sonneaire Coolbox Save or Coolbox is our best selling air conditioning split unit product which is based on our own patented technology (PCT/MY2017/000040 2 Nov 2017, Australia ISA).

Its principally based on a heat recovery condenser, which collects heat from the exhaust and returns it back to the refrigerant cycle. In doing so – we achieve a 2 stage compression cycle which results in the compressor reducing its load significantly and remain reduced throughout the operations of the air conditioning system.

This system is based on a research developed by the founder’s dad in Malaysia – has a 5 star energy rating and has obtain the government Green Label also known as MyHijau.

The energy savings is typically between 15% – 30% as compared to normal similar capacity air conditioning systems.

Product capacities are ranging between 12000 btu (1.5 tonne) being the smallest to the biggest being 300,000btu (30 tonne).

For more details on its model – how it looks and where has it been installed – please go to ‘Download information’ where you can download some of the company slides and product specification.

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