Sonneaire Sayong – ‘Water coolbox’

Introducing the all new Sonneaire Sayong – a new eco-friendly cooling appliance for homes and small commercial units.


Similar to a typical split unit air conditioning system, this new cooling system comprises of an outdoor and an in-door unit. But instead of the high power consumption of regular compressor airconds, it utilises the natural evaporative feature of the Labu Sayong earthenware to cool the water that in turn cools the air. Hence, it is an innovative technology that mimics the traditional ceramic earthenware of Labu Sayong to cool down water.


Sonneaire Sayong is based on a natural evaporative cooling system. Evaporative cooling refers to the cooling method by way of reduction of heat, through evaporation. The principle of evaporative cooling is that latent heat from a surface is removed by way of moisture that evaporates into the air. This is similar to sweating. Which is why when we are too hot, our body will sweat, which is the natural way to remove heat.

In Sonneaire Sayong, this natural evaporative system is done by using water as refrigerant and letting the natural evaporative process happens by storing water in ‘Labu Sayong’ ceramic earthen tanks and recycling the water inside the tanks to the indoor unit and back. Not too different from a water cool system, the indoor unit is a normal Fan Coil Unit. However the outdoor unit, although it looks very much like a condensing unit, is actually the housing that stores the Labu Sayong tanks.

A little historical background:

The Labu Sayong earthernware ceramic tanks originates from Sayong in Kuala Kangsar, Perak. The Labu Sayong has been used traditionally in Malaysia for a long time as a way to keep water very cool and nice for drinking. The locals also believe that drinking from the Labu Sayong has medicinal properties. The Labu Sayong ceramic earthernware vase is made by mud from the banks of Sungai Perak in Sayong, which is then shaped into vases and baked under high temperatures until it becomes the ceramic earthernware.

Research in local universities has shown that it is the quality of porosity of the mud which is the main ingredient of making the Labu Sayong a very effective ceramic vase for storing and cooling water naturally.

Sonneaire Sayong is the most environment friendly cooling system in the market as it is made from earth and it runs water as its refrigerant (instead of HFC gas) and once successfully deploy is expected to save between 80% – 85% of the energy consumed of a typical split unit aircond unit. It is hoped that this will be an alternative to come to for consumers seeking comfort without sacrificing the environment.

We are almost there… Watch this space.