Green Investment Tax Allowance (GITA)

The Malaysian government currently offers a 60% tax incentive known as Green Investment Tax Allowance (GITA) to encourage the use of eco and green technology products.

As a hybrid thermal heat recovery split unit air conditioning system, SonneAire Coolbox Save is applicable for this incentive.

Our customers (Business to Business) can benefit from a deduction of up to 60% of your investment cost of obtaining Sonneaire Hybrid Airconds from your year end tax. This means your investment cost will only be 40%.

The condition is to inform MIDA (Malaysia Investment Development Authority) and Greentech Corporation Malaysia before you start any project using SonneAire Hybrid Airconds.  Please discuss with us first before you start the project so that we can help to advise you the basic procedures of this and put you in contact with the government agency officers in charge.

Then you can enjoy this additional savings from your year end tax.