Applications for SonneAire Coolbox Save

The SonneAire Coolbox Save is the model of our SonneAire Hybrid Airconds, which is a super efficient split unit air conditioning system. Savings starts immediately when you switch the aircond on, and the savings will remain consistent throughout the running state of the air conditioning system.

Many customers have asked us, where best shall we use this aircond? Well, we can say, anywhere! however for you to really maximise your energy (and money) savings,  it is best to use this hybrid aircond for:

  • Areas where air conditioning is used for a long duration of time in a day
  • Areas where energy consumption is limited due to a limited power source
  • Areas which are remote and/or off grid

For areas where air conditioning is used for a long duration of time in a day, which is typically around more than 6 hours such as offices and commercial buildings of these types:

  • 24 hours restaurants and eateries
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Factories
  • Computer and server rooms
  • Mosques (long hours worship places)

For homes – its best to put SonneAire Coolbox Save in your bedroom if you use it for more than 6 hours.

For areas where energy consumption is limited – for example if you have a small generator which you use for the energy consumption of your building – our 1.5 horsepower runs typically 700 – 800 watts. But a normal split unit 1.5 horsepower runs to 1600 watts and and an inverter split unit runs to 1200 watts. So choose ours, if you need to conserve your power or if you run on a small generator so that it won’t blow (trip) your generator. That’s what our customer at Eight Acres (an earth friendly award winning resort in the jungle) did after experiencing blow outs on their generator when using inverter split unit airconds.

For a low cost solution to your off grid or remote sites  where typically equipment will be stored in cabins or containers (telcos use this a lot). Ours will be the best and low cost solution to cool your equipment, yet consume the minimum at source.

Anyway, as we say, use SonneAire anywhere, anytime. Choose ours anytime you want to save energy, save money and help us to reduce the carbon footprint from air conditioning systems.  Let’s all do our bit for the earth, every little bit counts!